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Festivals & Events on Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama Island hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year. Plan your vacation around some of the island’s well-known festivals and you’ll end up with a one-of-a kind Bahamian experience. From the biggest cultural events to the local festivities in neighboring towns, there’s always something happening on Grand Bahama Island!

Festivals & Events

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January 2017

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February 2017

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January 2017

Jan 1
Festivals and Events

Junkanoo Parade

Junkanoo is the National Festival of the Bahamas; it represents our roots and it is our heritage. Junkanoo originated during the days of slavery when the slaves were given time off to celebrate the holidays with African dance, music and costume. The festival is named after “JOHN CANOE”, an African tribal chief who demanded the right to celebrate with his people even after being brought to the West Indies in Slavery. Junkanoo today is a traditional rally to cowbells, whistles and goat-skin drums as costumed revelers dance away. Parade held at Town Centre on Pioneers Way. For more information contact: Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture (242) 351-1933

Jan 10

Majority Rule Day

Majority Rule Day became a public holiday in 2014. It commemorates The Bahamas gaining majority rule for the first time on January 10, 1967, symbolizing the promise of equality, a level playing field, and fair play for all Bahamians.

Along with the emancipation from slavery in 1836, and gaining Independence from Great Britain in 1973, the achievement of Majority Rule is considered one of the most important events in the history of the country.

February 2017

Feb 18

International Slow Pitch Softball Tournament

For more information contact: Nuvolari Chootosingh, Ministry of Tourism's Sports Department (242) 350- 8600

March 2017

Mar 23-25
Thursday - Saturday

Faith Fest

The Ministry of Tourism in partnership with Bishop Henry Fernandez Ministries will be hosting Faith Fest Conference on Grand Bahama Island. Visit for more information.

April 2017

Apr 1-30
Saturday - Sunday

Coastal Awareness Month

For more information on Costal Awarenss Month Activities for the month of April, 2017, contact: Jeffrey Pinder (242)350-8646 or

Apr 14-15
Friday - Saturday

Grand Bahama Air Show

Airshow will feature vintage air-crafts performing amazing stunts off-shore at Taino Beach, spectators can expect an exciting and thrilling show.  For more information contact: Nuvolari Chootosingh, Ministry of Tourism's Sports Departmet (242) 350-8600  Click here for a preview video!

Apr 14-15
Friday - Saturday

Grand Bahama Junkanoo Carnival Kickoff

Grand Bahama will jumpstart the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival festivities with “The Grand Life” experience during a two-day celebration on April 15 and 16, inclusive of live concerts, a midnight rush and beach party. Nassau will host the finale May 4th-6th.  For more information contact: Immerse Bahamas (242) 602-5555

Apr 20-23
Thursday - Sunday

Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament

It is our mission at Extreme Kayak Fishing Inc. to connect and grow the community of offshore kayak fishing, while providing an organized, safe and fun tournament. Visit for more information.



Apr 29

6th Annual West End Junior Sailing Regatta

The Ministry of Tourism in support of the West End Eco-fishing Camp Association and the Grand Bahama Sailing Club will host this recreational spring time event. Attracting young sailers, many under 15 for a weekend of competitive sailing and lots of  comradre for the entre family to enjoy. For more information contact Elaine Smith: or 350-8600

June 2017

Jun 5

4th Annual Ole Freetown Cultural Festival

Cultural festival highlighting the heritage of Grand Bahama's first black settlement. For more information contact: Elaine Smith: / (242) 350-8600

Jun 15

In Deep Love Bahamas

The attempted Guinness Book of World Record in undersea weddings is scheduled to take place on Grand Bahama Island, one of 700 islands in The Bahamas. Organizers hope to break the Guinness Book of World Record for undersea weddings, which is currently set at 34, and achieve a record-breaking number of 100 persons, making it a historic fete for the Islands of The Bahamas. For more information contact: Rosalyn Pinder (242) 350-8600

Jun 17

7th Annual West End Snapper Tournament and Festival

Part fishing tournament, part cultural festival. Good times for everyone! (West End) For more information contact: Elaine Smith: or (242) 350-8600

July 2017

Jul 6-27
Thursday - Thursday

Goombay Summer Festival

The Ministry of Tourism’s annual summer festival featuring live displays of Bahamian culture in the form of food & music. Thursdays in July at Taino Beach.  For more information contact: Sanique Culmer: (242) 350-8600

August 2017

Aug 19-19
Saturday - Saturday

47th Annual Bernie Butler Swim Race

Annual swim race and beach party to raise funds for BASRA. Featuring DJ music, and food and drinks on sale. For more information contact: Justin Snisky, Bahamas Air & Sea Rescue Association:

September 2017

Sep 19

32nd International Coastal Cleanup

In an effort to resolve the issue of Marine Debris, the Ocean Conservancy initiated the International Coastal Cleanup. The cleanup event, which focuses on collecting data on trash collected, to find the source of marine debris. This event takes place every year, the 3rd Saturday in September. For more information contact Andre Cartwright at (242) 350-8600 or

October 2017

Oct 9-9
Monday - Monday

45th Annual McLean’s Town Conch Cracking Festival

McLean’s Town’s annual homecoming event, featuring lots of conch-themed dishes, as well as competitions and live entertainment in the east end of Grand Bahama. For more information contact: Elaine Smith: or (242) 350-8600

Oct 27-30
Friday - Monday

East End Homecoming and Regatta Splash

For more information contact: Elaine Smith: or (242) 350-8600

Year Round Events


Let a Bahamian introduce you to The Bahamas! Participate in our People to People program, where you will meet warm and genial Bahamians. For more information contact the Ministry of Tourism's People to People Department at (242) 352-8044 or email


Fish Fry

Enjoy delicious fried fish, potato bread, conch salad and many more Bahamian dishes every Wednesday at Smith's Point. This event starts at 6:30 in the evening.