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Festivals & Events on Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama Island hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year. Plan your vacation around some of the island’s well-known festivals and you’ll end up with a one-of-a kind Bahamian experience. From the biggest cultural events to the local festivities in neighboring towns, there’s always something happening on Grand Bahama Island!

Festivals & Events

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March 2015

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April 2015

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January 2015

Jan 31

Junior Junkanoo Parade

This parade provides an opportunity for children to get involved in the National Festival of The Bahamas. Thirty-two schools from across the island of Grand Bahama will parade through the streets of downtown Freeport, with preschool, primary, all-age, junior and secondary divisions competing for the top honors. Come and experience our culture and music, while partaking of delicious native food and drinks, which will be for sale.

Contact: Ministry for Grand Bahama / (242) 350-8525

February 2015

Feb 7-8
Saturday - Sunday

Grand Bahama Cyclist Club Tour

This event begins in McLean's Town and ends in West End, Grand Bahama Island. Although this is a first for Grand Bahama Island, participants from The Bahamas, Australia, Taiwan and the Unites States have already signed up.

Contact: Sports Unit, Ministry of Tourism / (242) 350-8600

Feb 26-28
Thursday - Wednesday

Guy Harvey Post Wahoo Tournament

This will be one of the most exciting fishing tournaments of the year, with ice sculptures in the sand, conch salad contests, kite-boarding, a bonfire and an awards night.

Contact: Ms. Rosalyn Pinder / (242) 350-8600 /

March 2015

Mar 11-15
Wednesday - Sunday

Show Me Your Glory Worship Conference

Calvary Temples of God presents "Show Me Your Glory Worship Conference" with Pastor William McDowell, Dr. Ann Higgins, Pastor Cleopatra Williams, Pastor Simeon Outten, Minister Oslien Jadorte and Psalmist Alessandro Major.  Click here or call 242-352-7578 for more information.

Mar 18-21
Wednesday - Saturday

Tabernacle Soccer Tournament

Eight teams from The Jupiter United Soccer Club, Florida, will visit Grand Bahama Island to enjoy the game of Soccer at the YMCA playing field and The Rugby Club field.

Contact: Ms. Rosalyn Pinder / (242) 350-8600 /

April 2015

Apr 6

Pelican Point Coconut Festival

This event is part of the Pelican Point Homecoming Festival, held annually on Easter Monday. Come out and experience coconut in more ways than you can count!

Venue is the Festival Site in Pelican Point, East Grand Bahama Island. Click here for more information

Contact: Ms. Elaine Smith / (242) 350-8600 /

Apr 11

West End Jr. Sailing Regatta

This event features Grand Bahama Island’s best junior sailors, who will be racing International Flying Junior (FJ) class sloops. The FJ is a small, light and fast double-handed, ISAF International Class, trapeze-planing dinghy, with a hull that allows it to sail closer to the wind than many other models. Venue is the town of West End in West Grand Bahama Island.

Contact: Ms. Elaine Smith, Ministry of Tourism / (242) 350-8600 /

Apr 17-18
Friday - Saturday

“The Grand Life” Junkanoo Carnival Celebration

Grand Bahama will jumpstart the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival festivities with “The Grand Life” experience during a two-day celebration on April 17 and 18.  Click here for more information.


Apr 23-26
Thursday - Sunday

Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament

Contacts: Ms. Rosalyn Pinder / (242) 350-8600 / or Mr. Richard Treco / (954) 236-9292 /

May 2015

May 25

Old Freetown Heritage Festival

This heritage festival pays homage to the birthplace of Grand Bahama Island's first black settlement, historic Ole Freetown. It will be held on the grounds of the Freetown preschool.

Contact: Ms. Elaine Smith / (242) 350-8600 /

May 30

Eight Mile Rock Heritage Festival

This event celebrates the various cultures that now call Grand Bahama Island home, and will showcase countries like Haiti, Jamaica and The Philippines. Venue is Eight Mile Rock in West Grand Bahama Island.

Contact: Ms. Elaine Smith / (242) 350-8600 /

June 2015

Jun 20

West End Snapper Tournament and Festival

Part fishing tournament, part cultural festival, this annual event offers good times for all! You can compete for the most snappers caught by weight, the largest snapper caught, fish scaling and best seasoned fish. There will also be delicious food and drink, fun and games for the whole family, as well as live entertainment. Venue is the West End Community Park in West Grand Bahama Island.

Contacts: Ms. Elaine Smith / (242) 350-8600 /

July 2015

Jul 2-30
Thursday - Thursday

Goombay Summer Festival

At this festival, you can experience live Bahamian music, great local cuisine, authentically Bahamian Arts and crafts, Junkanoo and lots more!

It will be held each Thursday in July (2, 9, 16, 23, 30) – 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight. Venue is Taino Beach in Lucaya.

Jul 9-10
Thursday - Friday

Bahamas Independence Celebrations

The Bahamas celebrates 42 years as an independent nation. Events are planned throughout Grand Bahama Island in commemoration of this significant event in the life of our nation.

Contact: Ministry for Grand Bahama / (242) 352-8525

Jul 16-19
Thursday - Monday

Mychal “Sweet Bells” Thompson/Fred Higgs Golf Tournament

This is one of the most successful celebrity golf tournaments for Grand Bahama Island, where you can play with former Los Angeles Lakers basketball player, Mychal "Sweet Bells" Thompson, who is from The Bahamas.

Contact: Sports Unit, Ministry of Tourism / (242) 350-8600

Jul 17-18
Friday - Sunday

Grand Bahama Regatta & Heritage Festival

Sailors of well-known Class A, B and C sloops from throughout The Islands of The Bahamas will compete in different races just off Taino Beach in Lucaya. Spectators onshore can enjoy a festive environment of food, drinks, music and other entertainment throughout the weekend.

Contact: Ms. Chervita Campbell / (242) 225-1106, (242) 443-5873 / /  For more information click here.

August 2015

Aug 3

High Rock Sea Fest

High Rockʼs annual homecoming festival celebrates the bounties of the sea. You can enjoy live performances by local bands, a Junkanoo Rush-out, and the culinary delights including all the fish, conch and lobster you can eat!

Venue is the High Rock Primary School Grounds, located near the sea in East Grand Bahama Island.

Contact: Ms. Elaine Smith / / (242) 350-8600

Aug 15

BASRA Bernie Butler Swim Race

This annual swim race and beach party raises funds for the Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association (BASRA). It features DJ music, and food and drinks will be on sale. The venue is Coral Beach in Lucaya.

Contact: Mr. Justin Snisky, BASRA /

October 2015

Oct 12

GB Gospel Fest

This mega music festival will feature local and international Gospel recording artists.

Contact: Ms. Debbie Huyler / (242) 350-8600 /

Oct 12

McLean’s Town Conch Cracking Festival

This annual homecoming event began in 1972 and attracts both domestic and international visitors, who enthusiastically vie for the coveted and authentically Bahamian designed conch trophy, awarded to the best Conch Cracker in the country. The festival features lots of conch-themed dishes, other food and drinks, locally made souvenirs, as well as a full day of activities that both adults and children can participate in, competitions and exciting live entertainment.

Venue is McLean’s Town in East Grand Bahama Island.

November 2015

Nov 5-8
Thursday - Sunday

Blue Marlin Cove Wahoo Tournament

Contact: Ms. Rosalyn Pinder / (242) 350-8600 /

Nov 7

Culinary Fusion Expo

This event brings together Grand Bahama Island's food and beverage industry, offering an opportunity for businesses to network with their peers, industry buyers and suppliers. Also, culinary artists will showcase their services and products with live cooking/mixology demonstrations and sampling of food, beer, and wine. Venue is the Canal House at Pelican Bay Hotel in Lucaya.

Contact: Mr. Sean Johnson, Move Marketing / /

Nov 7

Conchman and Ironkids Triathlon

Sports enthusiasts have been gathering at Taino Beach in Lucaya every year since 1986 for a grueling 0.5 mile (1k) swim, 20 mile (25k) bike ride and 3.5 mile (5k) run. Starting time for the Conchman on Saturday is 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon for the Iron Kids Race.

Nov 23-30
Monday - Monday

NCAA Women’s Junkanoo Jam

This annual basketball tournament features 12 NCAA Women’s basketball teams from various universities/colleges throughout the United States. Games take place at St. George's High School Gymnasium in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island.

Contacts: Mr. Sean McShane / or Rosalyn Pinder / (242) 350-8600 /

Nov 23-30
Monday - Monday

Tabernacle Baptist Academy’s Thanksgiving Basketball Tournament

This annual invitational basketball tournament features local and international teams in friendly competition. Games take place at the Jack Hayward High School Gymnasium in Freeport.  High school teams from through out the United States and The Bahamas will participate.

Contact: Ms. Rosalyn Pinder / (242) 350-8600 /

Nov 26

Authenti-city Annual BAIC Tradeshow


This weekend festival highlights local Bahamian artists, handicrafts, native food and beverages, music and culture.

Contact: Ms. Zina Bethel / (242) 352-1888 /

December 2015

Dec 12

Holmes Rock Heritage Festival

Holmes Rock is a unique and traditional Bahamian community known for conventional values and pride, based on traditions and family values. The festival will showcase a range of talents, allowing patrons to learn about the settlement's history and enjoy friendly games for all ages.

Contact: Ms. Elaine Smith / (242) 350-8600 /

Year Round Events


Let a Bahamian introduce you to The Bahamas! Participate in our People to People program, where you will meet warm and genial Bahamians. For more information contact the Ministry of Tourism's People to People Department at (242) 352-8044 or email

Fish Fry

Enjoy delicious fried fish, potato bread, conch salad and many more Bahamian dishes every Wednesday at Smith's Point. This event starts at 6:30 in the evening.

Crab Fest

Enjoy delicious native crab, the popular Bahamian drink gully wash, at the Garden Café (formerly the Churchill Pub). This is held every Friday at 5 p.m., for further information contact (242) 351-2696.

Grand Bahama Regatta

Amateur captains from all over the world take on nature and each other in an exciting sailing competition. Whether you are a spectator or participant, our annual regatta has something for everyone - great Bahamian food, sweet island music and a spectacular show. Held June 19 - 21, for more information e-mail

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