Bahamas Art & Culture

Grand Bahamas Art & Culture

Island culture cannot be studied from a book. Experience a culture hidden in the poignant songs of Rake n’ Scrape music or behind the masks at a Junkanoo festival. Discover Bahamian traditions expressed in the brush strokes of a canvas oil painting or in the carvings of a wood sculpture.

Grand Bahamas Art Galleries

For artistic souls, Grand Bahama Island offers many art galleries, where you can share your appreciation and passion for art. At Port Lucaya Marketplace, Leo’s Art Gallery gives you the opportunity to browse through Leo Brown’s vibrant paintings, illustrating life on Grand Bahama Island. The Garden of the Groves is also proud to contribute to the Caribbean art scene with their very own art gallery, dubbed THE Gallery. Located in the back room of the garden’s chapel, THE Gallery features the exquisite work of three uniquely talented artists.

Grand Bahamas Cultural Shopping

Grand Bahama’s main shopping district is also your ultimate source for exploring Bahamian culture. For a true taste of Bahamian life, Port Lucaya Marketplace is the place to go. Look for great authentic Bahamian handmade crafts to take home. At night fall, stick around and explore a variety of unique island entertainment and soak up the vibrant Grand Bahama culture.  Music, dining, shopping and entertainment can all be found at this great location.