Grand Bahama Kayaking


A truly exceptional way to experience the natural beauty of Grand Bahama is by kayak, a mode of transportation ideally suited for exploring the many mangrove swamps and creeks of the island’s north shore. Kayaking is easy and fun – everything you need to learn can be taught in 5 minutes or less.

Grand Bahama Nature Tours is Grand Bahama’s most experienced kayak ecotour operator. Their trained guides are committed to your comfort and safety and cheerfully share their knowledge of local history, ecology, flora and fauna. The tour begins with a nature walk through the Lucayan National Park and Caves – you will kayak through the quiet waters of Gold Rock Creek where the water is never more than waist deep. The creek is a pristine mangrove environment and a habitat for bird and marine life. The tour also includes swimming, snorkeling and relax on beautiful Gold Rock Beach.

To book a kayaking expedition, contact the following vendors: