Grand Bahamas Nature

Grand Bahama Island Nature

Take a moment to discover the island’s astounding beauty. It’s made up of more than the sun, sand and sea. Let your newfound curiosity take you deep into one of Grand Bahama Island’s national parks and explore a diverse flora and fauna. Go beyond the urban island boundaries and step into a world of breathtaking natural beauty. Enjoy an eco-tour and truly appreciate the beauty of the island.

The Garden of the Groves features exotic and native vegetation, ponds and waterfalls as well as birds and butterflies. High up on the hill is a replica of Freeport’s first chapel which Mr. Groves, the founder of Freeport, built in the Pineridge lumber camp. Talk a meditative walk on the only Labyrinth in the Bahamas and shop for authentic Bahamian merchandise in the quaint shopping village. Here you will find books, Androsia fabrics, coconut jewelry, an art gallery and much more.

Follow the twists and turns of The Rand Nature Center’snature trail and see an interesting variety of Bahamian plants such as the Love Vine. A visit to The Rand Nature Center will leave you naturally fascinated.

The boardwalk at the Lucayan National Park will have you walking through all of Grand Bahama’s ecosystems. Don’t forget to visit the park at low tide when the island’s signature “welcome mat” will appear in the sand on Gold Rock Beach.

The Heritage Trail also represents nature’s work on Grand Bahama Island. The old dirt path used to be the main transportation artery on the island, connecting various settlements and towns. The dirt path was abandoned and nature took its course. Heritage Trail is now a popular 5 mile trek, showing off an impressive variety of plants, birds and butterflies. Happy trails!

Peterson Cay National Park is one of the smallest National Parks in The Bahamas but gives you the opportunity to appreciate island beauty from a different point of view. From the depths of the turquoise waters, snorkel your way through colourful coral reefs while observing schools of tropical fish and other marine species.

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