Night Activities

Grand Bahama Night Activities

Sun, surf and sand will rule your days on Grand Bahama Island, however, live entertainment, music and evening activities will spice up your nights! Between scrumptious fine dining and cocktails,  sunset cruises and beach bonfires, as well and many Bahamian cultural events, the island still has plenty to offer once the sun goes down.

Junkanoo Parade

The Junkanoo Parade pays tribute to an important period in Bahamian history. During the days of slavery, slaves were permitted three days off; January 1st, December 25th and December 26th. The Junkanoo Festival would take place on December 26th and January 1st, while the 25th of December was dedicated to exchanging gifts and visiting friends.

Today, the Junkanoo celebration includes a vibrant parade with the accompanying traditional sounds of goombay drums, copper bells and mouth whistles. The parade also features men and women wearing hand-made Junkanoo costumes, competing for cash prizes. If you miss your chance to see this high-spirited parade during the holidays, there is also a Summer Junkanoo Festival.

Port Lucaya Marketplace – port lucaya Square

For a great selection of nightly events and popular Bahamian music, set your sights on the Port Lucaya Square in Port Lucaya Marketplace. Keep your feet moving to the traditional sounds of Rake ‘N Scrape, the folk music of The Bahamas and explore the deeper meaning of Calypso music. Out with your family? Port Lucaya Marketplace offers tons of fun to visitors of all ages. Try fun games or Bahamian line dancing.

The Regency Theatre

The Regency Theatre presents a collection of original and classic dramas, musicals, comedies and many other types of live performances, staged by the Freeport Players Guild. This Bahamian performing arts center can entertain a crowd of up to 500 people. Join the Freeport Players Guild for a night of great theatrical performances! View upcoming events: Regency Theatre Shows & Events

Bahamian Culture Show

Every Friday night, you can visit Port Lucaya Square in Port Lucaya Marketplace for an evening of unforgettable native entertainment featuring fire and limbo dancing, live bands and performances by the Grand Bahama Island’s top performing artists. Show starts at 8pm.