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Grand Bahama Island People-to-people Program

Grand Bahama provides countless opportunities to discover the highlights of the island. If you’re seeking a little more than a guided tour, the People-to-People Program offers an enriching island experience. Explore the possibility of spending time with a local Bahamian family and get an intimate look at Grand Bahama living.

The People-to-People Program was inaugurated in 1975 by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism in Nassau, New Providence. The program was extended to Grand Bahama later the following year. The promotional program is strictly on a volunteer basis; participating Bahamians are not paid or subsidized. They truly are looking forward to meeting with you and sharing their stories!

Pairing is done by the staff of the Tourism Ministry and is based on age, hobbies, interests, and occupations. Once matched, your host is then responsible for arranging meeting time and location that is convenient for you both. How you spend your time together is completely up to you. Enjoy a stage performance at the Regency Theatre followed by a captivating cultural conversation. Visit the nearby towns and see the history through the eyes of a Bahamian. Or enjoy a home-cooked meal and taste all the local specialties first hand.

How to participate in the People-to-people Program

You can register and submit your application form before you arrive or upon arrival at the following locations:

  •  Tourism Centers located at the Airport and Port Lucaya Marketplace
  •  Social Host/Hostess desk at your hotel
  •  Grand Bahama Tourism Board in Freeport

For more information contact:

People-to-People Program
PO Box F-40251
Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
Phone: (242) 350-8600
Email: [email protected]