Boats docked in a fishing town

Grand Bahama Island Towns & Settlements

Grand Bahama is the fourth largest of The Islands of The Bahamas and the second most popular destination among visitors. The western tip of Grand Bahama, where the settlement of West End is located, is about 55 miles off the Florida coast. The island is approximately 530 square miles and may be divided into three main sections:

East End

A sparsely developed area with many quaint settlements and secluded beaches. These communities include: High Rock, Pelican Point, Riding Point, Old Freetown, New Freetown, McLean’s Town, Gambier Point, Gold Rock, BevansTown, Rocky Creek and Thomas Town. Settlements off the mainland include: Sweeting’s Cay, Water Cay and Deep Water Cay which has a fishing lodge with its own airstrip.  While this area was devastated by hurricane Dorian in 2019, it’s worth a day trip out today, to experience some of the best Bonefishing in the region and see the resilience of these communities.  Places like EJ’s Cafe in McClean’s Town and Bishop’s Restaurant and Bar in High Rock are a must-stop to quench your thirst or eat some lunch.  You will find some of the most pristine beaches as well.


A massive pine barren just over 60 years ago, the city of Freeport is now the commercial, industrial and touristic center of activity on Grand Bahama Island.

West End:

The capital of Grand Bahama, West End dates back to the prosperous days of bootlegging and is now a quiet fishing village with quaint bars, conch salad stands, restaurants and churches. The legendary Jack Tar Village Resort is now the Old Bahama Bay Resort, the main tourist attraction in this settlement.

Other Communities in the Western Grand Bahama:

  • Mack Town
  • Hunters
  • Lewis Yard
  • Pinder’s Point
  • Eight Mile Rock – this area is divided into many subsections:
    • Hepburn Town
    • Bartlette Hill
    • Hanna Hill
    • Pine Dale
    • Martin Town
    • Russell Town
    • Jones Town
    • Sea Grape
    • Martin Hill
    • Holmes Rock
    • Deadman’s Reef
    • Bootle Bay