Bahamas History

Grand Bahama Island History and Culture

Explore the past and culture of Grand Bahama Island. A walk on the shores of Deadman’s Reef or in the Lucayan Caves will help you uncover fascinating facts on the island’s earliest inhabitants. Grand Bahama’s art scene and holiday festivals will open your eyes to a world of island culture unlike any other. When it comes to exploring history and culture, there’s plenty to discover on Grand Bahama Island. Contact one of the Local Tour Operators to explore Grand Bahama Island.

Grand Bahamas History

Historical Locations

Take a look around and you’ll notice the numerous historical locations that hold a piece of Grand Bahama Island’s history. Peek into the island’s past and add more to your Grand Bahama Island vacation experience. Grand Bahama’s Lucayan National Park is home to one of the largest underwater cave systems in the world. Navigate your way through six miles of chartered caverns, caves and tunnels. The national park represents an important part in Bahamian history since skulls and artifacts belonging to the Lucayan tribes, Grand Bahama’s earliest settlers, were found in the caves and throughout the park.

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Bahamas Art & Culture

Art and Culture

Island culture cannot be studied from a book. Experience a culture hidden in the poignant songs of Rake n' Scrape music or behind the masks at a Junkanoo festival. Discover Bahamian traditions expressed in the brush strokes of a canvas oil painting or in the carvings of a wood sculpture. For artistic souls, Grand Bahama Island offers many art galleries, where you can share your appreciation and passion for art. At Port Lucaya Marketplace, Leo’s Art Gallery gives you the opportunity to browse through Leo Brown’s vibrant paintings, illustrating life on Grand Bahama Island.

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Grand Bahamas Nature


Take a moment to discover the island’s astounding beauty. It’s made up of more than the sun, sand and sea. Let your newfound curiosity take you deep into one of Grand Bahama Island’s national parks and explore a diverse flora and fauna. Go beyond the urban island boundaries and step into a world of breathtaking natural beauty. Enjoy an eco-tour and truly appreciate the beauty of the island.

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Grand Bahamas Churches


Grand Bahama’s Christian principles are built on a solid foundation. The island maintains a rich cultural heritage, and churches play an active role in the Bahamian community. With a variety of denominations, you can join a Sunday Morning Mass and share your faith with local Bahamians.

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Grand Bahama Events

Island Events

The best way to see the cultural side of Grand Bahama Island is to participate in one of the island’s annual cultural or historical events that will allow you to experience the past and present of our Bahamian paradise. Plan your vacation around one of these special events and you won’t be disappointed. Grand Bahama celebrates most American holidays, and there are two days in the year that are significant to Bahamians. On July 10th, the Islands of The Bahamas recognize their own independence from Great Britain. August 1st, 1834 marks the end of slavery in the British Empire and is known as Emancipation Day. Both Bahamian national holidays are celebrated with a variety of island entertainment

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