Grand Bahama Island sunset with Palm Trees

Posted by: admin | December 22nd, 2021

Photo Credit: Danielle Maingot

The holidays are well underway and Grand Bahama has always been the home of winter hospitality and amazing dining. Take a look at what one of our residents has recommended for this holiday season!

Grand Bahama hasn’t seen the Carnival in years so the anger displayed by the capital was most definitely met with indifference in the second city. We’ve always had to find our own fun and despite common misconceptions, I think we’ve done a good job of keeping ourselves entertained.

We’re in the heart of the holiday season and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably using this time to catch up with friends or run away from family. Here are some of the spots that have kept me sane this year.


Xtreme Activities

At some point, we’re going to have to award Ashley Comarcho with a medal of mixology. She has been at the forefront of mixed drinks on the Island of Grand Bahama for close to a decade now. As the first person to introduce us to the Adult CapriSun at the bar Entwined, she’s definitely brought the island all sorts of fun things to look forward to. So, it has come as no surprise that she’s taken all of that creativity and joined forces with Chef Harold of Bunappetite to create the perfect family environment. Mixed Drinks for you, Go Karts for the kids, and food for everyone is what makes this a great find.

Bones Bar

Drunk and Unseen. These are two goals I consistently try to reach and Bones helps me achieve them every time. Bones is possibly my favorite bar on the island. Nestled on the Canal side of the Pelican Bay property, this is the perfect place to drink in peace while also hitching a ride with boaters that come through. If “Salt Life” had a bar aesthetic, Bones would be it.

Green Gamut

This was possibly one of my favorite finds this year. Green Gamut is a clean eating establishment that recently relocated to Port Lucaya to become a full Bistro. Green Gamut is possibly the only place I’ve been able to eat healthily without feeling like I’m being held hostage by vegetables. If you’re vegan, gluten-free, or honestly just wanting to try something new this is a perfect brunch spot.

Banana Bay

The best-iced tea on the island. Banana Bay has been a beach day staple for years. There is no pretense to this beach-side restaurant. A relaxed environment with some of the best conch fritters and crab cakes makes this restaurant one of my favorite places to recharge.

Rum Runners

Rum Runners has been around for 25 years and when you take a bite of their wings and a swig of their house Gully Wash, you know exactly why. A family-run establishment, Rum Runners has a history of being one of the most consistent and well-priced bars in Port Lucaya.

These are some of Ashleigh’s favorite spots. When you’re on Grand Bahama Island let us know what you like to do on Instagram!